Olive Licensing | ABN 11 632 288 272 | Authorised Representative of Boutique Capital Pty Ltd | ACN 621 697 621 ABN 33 621 697 621 



Our investment strategy encourages entrepreneurship, mutual cooperation and generosity. Where we partner with someone, we integrate a spirit of partnership that includes profit sharing as well as risk sharing. We invest in real economic activities that contribute to the welfare of society via commerce, manufacturing, construction, and other beneficial projects. We will not consider projects that have a detrimental impact on society such as interest, adult entertainment, manufacturing or distribution of alcohol, excessive speculation, extreme volatility or unmitigated risk beyond our appetite. When we invest in a project, it must be compliant, and must have a real underlying asset.


Olive is committed to these set of ethics and values, that we call “wholesome investments”. We’ve founded our organisation firmly on these principles, and have built a team with a proven track record in this space.

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